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Visit Futuroscope Theme Park

Adrenaline rushes, great sights, a head full of dreams...Futuroscope theme park offers over 25 outstanding attractions for enjoying marvellous thrills, exploring the world and looking into the future. Giant screens in dynamic cinemas and 3D simulators will help you make unforgettable memories of a trip filled with excitement and thrilling sensations.

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More than 25 attractions for people of all ages

The time-travel machine

Experience major events in history in an extraordinary way. A spatiotemporal journey aboard an attraction hacked by the Raving Rabbids.

Dance with the Robots

In an atmosphere jazzed-up with an enormous dancefloor, take a ride on a giant robot together. Feel the rush and dance to the beat of the energetic playlist chosen by famous DJ Martin Solveig.

Arthur, 4D Adventure

Shrink, join Arthur and enjoy a hair-raising race in the magical world of the Invisibles. Maximum thrills thanks to a combination of different innovative technology.

Vienne Dynamique

Participate in an interactive and mind-blowing rally in the Vienne. In a revamped version, this attraction offers an exiting and hilarious tourist journey with Guerliguet, a curious and endearing character.

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Enjoy and take in an all new show, worthy of the greatest venues in Las Vegas! Twists and turns take place in an aerial setting.

The Little Prince

Take a remarkable trip to imaginary worlds! Fly from planet to planet with the Little Prince who is eager to find his Rose.

Lady Ô

Dive into the heart of the story of two twin sisters whose underwater world is threatened by a giant machine. In an explosion of sound, visual and underwater effects, let the music mesmerize you and get lost in a dream...

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